Scattering is an instant liquidity market for NFTs, combining elements of a DEX and an NFT marketplace. The supported token standards include ERC721 and ERC404.


To enhance the liquidity of NFTs, we aim to make this vision a reality:

To enable users to trade NFTs instantly, just like trading ERC-20 tokens.


For ERC721

Each NFT possesses both a common value (floor price) and unique value. We scatter and tokenize them to build an Instant Liquidity Market for NFTs.

Every NFT owner can choose to deposit their held NFTs through the Scattering protocol into a unique Safebox. In this process, the user essentially transfers ownership of their held NFT to the Scattering protocol.

The user will receive:

  1. 10,000 sTokens, anchoring the floor price value of the NFT. The user can sell these sTokens at any time in the corresponding Uniswap V3 pool, thereby selling the NFT's common value based on the floor price. Of course, the user can also choose to hold onto them and sell when the price is more favorable.

  2. A Key which is essentially an NFT. This Key corresponds to the scarce value of the NFT deposited by the user. The user can choose to keep the Key indefinitely or sell it on the Scattering Key marketplace through placing an order or auction. It should be noted that this key anchors the right to redeem the corresponding NFT from the Scattering protocol. When the user chooses to sell the Key, it is equivalent to relinquishing the future right to redeem this NFT from the Safebox.

In general, Scattering divides the floor price value and the uniqueness value of each NFT collection, creating two distinct trading markets:

  • The floor price value is traded on Uniswap V3 through the issuance of 10,000 sTokens.

  • Meanwhile, the unique value is traded on an auction market similar to OpenSea.

For ERC404

ERC404, a hybrid of ERC20 and ERC721, requires a combination of DEX trading and NFT trading. Scattering utilizes UniswapV3 as the DEX protocol to trade ERC404 tokens and an OpenSea-like NFT marketplace to facilitate the trading of ERC404 NFTs.


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