1. Each user can use Safebox for free for 3 days.

  2. Each user can create one Safebox for each collection. If there are N collections and the user wants to sell NFTs in all N collections, they need to create N Safeboxes.

  3. Within the 3 days, users can choose A) to hold the key continuously; B) to redeem; C) to auction and trade.

  4. After 3 days, if users want to continue using Safebox, they must pay rent. The rent is 0.0015ETH for 1 day, prepaid based on the leasing time.

  5. Upon expiration, users can choose:

  • to renew by paying the fee;

  • to initiate the Safebox closure process: Users use 10K sTokens along with the key to redeem NFTs or abandon redemption (NFT enters the common pool).

If the rent is not paid after expiration, users can choose

A) to redeem the key;

B) automatic destruction.

If the key(namely the safebox) is automatically burned, the original NFTs move from the Safebox to the Common Pool.

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