Scattering's top priority is and will always be security.

Security Scheme

We fully understand that security is of utmost importance for Scattering users' assets. Therefore, we will make every effort to ensure the protocol's security.

We will ensure the long-term security of Scattering through the following measures:

  1. Security Audits: we will invite different security audit firms to help us minimize the security risks as the Scattering grows.

  2. Minimalistic Design: We use Uniswap as the underlying protocol for sTokens' trading and liquidity.

  3. State Monitoring: We continuously monitor the network's status. Scattering is under constant observation to ensure smooth operations. This involves tracking data changes and verifying key functions. Any anomalies trigger an alert that will be promptly addressed.

  4. Bug Bounty Program: We will establish a bug bounty program to reward white-hat hackers. Details released soon.

Security Audit

Security Audit Report:

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