$SCR Points


Embarking on the thrilling pre-launch phase of the $SCR token, we're delighted to introduce you to the dynamic $SCR Points system.

Tailored to reward our pioneers, $SCR Points act as a precursor to the official token launch, offering users an opportunity to accumulate points that will later be seamlessly converted into $SCR tokens when the $SCR tokens are generated.

In this guide, we'll explore the diverse different ways with different stages through which users can earn $SCR Points and unravel the exciting multiplier factors that enhance the $SCR Points ecosystem.

Season 1

sToken Liquidity Providers

Points accrue based on the liquidity users provide. A unique formula factors in the USD amount and the duration of liquidity provision. Like if you provide liquidity for sSMOL/MAGIC pool with $1000 USDT value and 10 days, then you will get 10,000 $SCR points.

The minimum liquidity requirement to participate in the $SCR points campaign is $100 USDT.

To concentrate liquidity around the current sToken's price range, we will not calculate liquidity points for positions that fall outside this range.

For instance, if someone adds liquidity with a price range of 5%, but the price increases by 10%, the position is considered out of range.

You have two options:

  1. Remove the liquidity to add new positions that align with the current price range. This action will earn you points for the newly added position.

  2. Do nothing and wait for the price to decrease by approximately 5% to 10%. Once the price is within the range again, your position will be eligible for points. Let's say, if your position remains out of range for 5 consecutive days, you will not accrue points during this period. However, points will resume when your position returns to the acceptable range.


  1. Lazy Mode: Choose the full range. This means your positions will never be out of range.

  2. Moderate Mode: Select a 20% or 50% price range. In this mode, your positions are less likely to go out of range.

  3. Aggressive Mode: Opt for a 5% price range. While your positions are more likely to go out of range in this mode, it offers the highest capital efficiency and potential for the highest APR trading fees.

Mint sTokens

If you deposit your NFTs in Scattering to mint sTokens, you will also be rewarded with a fixed quantity of $SCR Points for each NFT you deposit. For example, if you deposit 100 Smol Brains to mint sTokens and earn 1,000 points for each deposit, you will accumulate a total of 100,000 points (1,000 points * 100 deposits).

Different collections have different base points and the team will adjust the base points of each collection.


You can also accumulate points by referring friends. Generate a unique link to share with them. Once your friends become official referees, you'll receive 10% of the points they earn. For instance, if you refer to your friend Alex and he earns 10,000 points through liquidity provision or NFT deposits, you will earn 1,000 $SCR points (10% of 10,000).

If Alex, in turn, refers Bob, and Bob earns 2,000 points, Alex will receive 200 points as a referral reward (10% of 2,000). Consequently, you will also receive 20 $SCR points (10% of 200).


We encourage every Scatter to contribute to the promotion of Scattering through blogs, videos, or Twitter threads. You can share your content in the Discord community content channel, and if the team deems it worthy, you will be rewarded with $SCR points.

Season 2 is on the way.


The $SCR Points system is your gateway to a realm of possibilities within our community. As we approach the eagerly anticipated token launch, let $SCR Points be your guide, connecting you to the unfolding future of the $SCR Airdrop. Stay tuned for more updates as we collectively shape a vibrant and thriving ecosystem, where your engagement is not just valued but generously rewarded.

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